The ACTS Prayer Model Part 1

My desire is that over the next year of Sunday school our prayer lives will grow. So to help us in that area of our Christian walk, I found a few helpful tools from The Joseph Company.

The ACTS Prayer Model is a tool to help guide you into the Presence of God during your personal devotional time. To use this tool, pray through each section
and use the “Launching Pad” Scriptures to lead you to other passages.

Summary of ACTS Prayer Model

A – Adoration: proclaiming who God is and the attributes of His character
C – Confession / Proclamation: personal cleansing, repentance, putting on of Christ’s nature
T – Thanksgiving: praise offering, remembering the works of the Lord, meditation
S – Supplication: asking, intercession, and petitioning according to His will

Take time to adore the Lord and give Him the affection of your heart. Do not ask anything. Focus on the attributes of God and declare who He is. Pray through the scriptures (specifically Psalms) to give yourself language for your adoration.

Simple Acts of Adoration

Unlike in our fast-food society, adoration cannot be embraced with a drive-thru window mindset. Truly coming before the Lord and giving our affections is not a flippant task to hurry your way through and then move on to the next part of prayer. In fact, I have been a part of many anointed prayer meetings where we won’t even get past the first step in the ACTS prayer model. Once you taste the pleasures of adoring Jesus, as the song says,  everything else seems to grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. So, the first step in adoration is not to see how quickly you can go, but instead be willing to linger in the process of giving your affection to Jesus. Remember: when you give your affection, you capture His attention.

Here are a few tools to consider adding to your personal prayer tool box:

Adoration Scriptures: Before you go on your lunch break open your Bible to a Psalm and begin to read it aloud. Make it personal by inserting your name wherever possible. As you read, begin to personalize it to the Lord as well by using the word you (“You are gracious,  my God. You are compassionate with me,” instead of, “For the Lord is gracious and compassionate”). By making the scriptures personal, it will not only saturate you with living water in the midst of a hectic day, but it will also develop a discipline of practical adoration.

ABC’s of Adoration: The ABC’s are done by going through the alphabet and using each individual letter to praise and glorify God. With each letter, I find a word or phrase beginning with that letter and turn it into a phrase describing God.

A: Awesome are your deeds, O King of the saints
B: Benevolent God, you are more giving and gracious than anyone I know
C: Compassionate Jesus, you are tender and loving beyond description

As I go through the alphabet, it helps develop a biblical language and gives a creative means to express a heart of worship.

Scripture Snacks: We all have moments in our day where we have two minutes of free time: waiting in line for lunch, standing at the copier, waiting for dishes to dry or simply during “the breather” between meetings. For some, that’s all they have. By writing down a scripture on an index card, and carrying it in your back pocket, you can take the Scriptures with you as a “snack” throughout the day. This is meant to expand your existing Bible study time, not replace it. When using this tool, I find it best to focus on scriptures that magnify God, because it takes the focus off me and the stress I may be experiencing. Simply gazing on Jesus has the ability to dramatically alter our perception, and it only takes thirty seconds between tasks. This is an easy way to memorize Scripture and let the Spirit write it on our heart. Two key components of adoration are knowing Scripture and making the verses personal. You cannot adore a God whom you do not know, and there is no better way to know Him than through His Word.

Launching Pad Scriptures
• Psalm 46:1 – “God is our refuge and strength… ever-present help in times of trouble…”

Praying the Verse: You are the abundantly available God. You are always there when I need you.

• Romans 8:38 – “neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers can separate me from your love.”

Praying the Verse: You are the loving “for me” God. You are constantly by my side in every walk of life. Wherever I go, You are there waiting to show Yourself to me.


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